memorials for

the heroes in our society



My name is Xinyi Christine Zhang, and I started the Portraits of the Brave Project in April 2020 when I was 15. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to honor those who have lost their lives on the front lines of the pandemic by drawing digital memorials free of chargeI decided to draw digital art portraits because families can easily print and frame the portrait, send them to relatives, etc. 


These heroes possess the courage that many can only aspire to have, and they truly deserve it--this pandemic has left its mark in history, and these heroes should be remembered as a shining light during these dark times. Now, I have expanded my project to include any heroes in our society who lost their lives for a heroic cause. 

A beautiful portrait does not have to be bought with thousands of dollars. In my memorial drawings, a low-quality reference image can be turned to high-quality portraits, with added splashes of vibrant, unique colors that truly bring the picture to life. A memorial can bring much sentimental value and warmth into a family, and it can capture snippets of happiness that a photo simply cannot. 

One of my main concerns right now is that these memorials may not be able to reach their family members. On the "Completed Works" page, works that have not yet reached their families are marked with an asterisk. If you happen to know the family, please share this website with them!